2010 Presentations

The following are the presentations from the 2010 Mine Design, Operations & Closure Conference. Please click on the title to access the file.

Tuesday's Presentations - May 4, 2010

“Butte Highlands Gold Project Update”
Randy Hardy, Timberline Resources

“Gentor's IMA Mine: Idaho's Next Moly Producer”
Joe Bardswich, RX Exploration

“Deep Underground Science & Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL): Repurposing a Mining Landmark for 21st Century Science” (not posted)
Bill Roggenthen, PhD, SD School of Mines

“Reuse of Abandoned Mine Sites – a Brownfields Approach”Tom Bourque, PE, TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering

“Creating Lakes from Open Pit Mines”
Jim Castro, PhD, Montana DEQ

“Reclamation of US Hill Mica Mine in New Mexico”
Jim Kuipers, PE, Kuipers & Associates

“Holden Mine Cleanup Project Update”
Norman Day, US Forest Service

“Kingston Generating Facility Tennessee, Flyash Impoundment Failure”
Michael Gobla, PE, US Bureau of Reclamation

“Shafter Silver Project – West Texas”
Andy Nichols, PE, Aurcana Corp.
“Designing a New Mine: Differing Views”
Bill Hasz, Formation Capital Corp., US

Wednesday's   Presentations   -   May   5,   2010

"Historical Overview of Round Mountain Gold Corp. Operation"
Ryan Harris, Kinross Round Mountain Gold

"Barrick Golden Sunlight Mine: Operations Update"
Mark Thompson, Barrick-Golden Sunlight Mine

"Bear River Zeolite Plant at Preston, Idaho"
John Lawrence, United States Antimony

"Champion Mine Assessment and Reclamation – A Case Study"
Dustin G. Wasley, PE, Cascade Earth Sciences

"Use of Biological Controls at McDonald Project"
Sonya Rosenthal, PE, & John Goroch, Newmont Mining Corp.-Handouts that accompany the presentation by Sonya Rosenthal & John Goroch

"New Methods for Hydraulic Characterization of Mine Waste & Cover System Materials"Jason Keller, GeoSystems Analysis, Inc.

"Best Practices for Physical Hazard Closures"
Dennis Dunham, PE, Foam Concepts, LLC

"Maiden Rock Phosphate Mine Complex"
Bill Maehl, PE, Spectrum Engineering

"Rosemont Copper—What’s Going on in Arizona"
Kathy Arnold, PE, Rosemont Copper Co.

"Update on the Pebble Project, Alaska" (not posted)
Catherine MacCay, Pebble Partnership

"In-Situ Uranium Mining in the West: Mining Practice and Regulation"
Lisa Cox, University of Wyoming

Thursday's   Presentations   -   May   6,   2010

"In-situ Monitoring of a Closed Waste Rock Facility"
Michael Milczarek, GeoSystems Analysis, Inc.

"Water Treatment Plant Design at the Idaho Cobalt Project"
Mark Reinsel, PhD, PE, Apex Engineering

"Removal of Arsenic from Mine Water Using an Adsorption-based System"
Kent Whiting, LG, CDM

"Fate of Historic Metal Releases from the Coeur d’Alene Mining District, Northern Idaho"
Steve Box, US Geological Survey

"Combining 3-Dimensional Mapping with Ore Body Modeling to Develop a Mine Plan"
Bob Flesher, Grant Hartford Corporation & Randy Huffsmith, PE, BCEE, CDM

"Rewrite of Financial Assurances"
Patty McGrath, US EPA