Undergraduate Research Program call for proposals for INBRE-related projects and internships

The Montana Tech Undergraduate Research Program (URP) announces a special URP call for proposals for INBRE-related Undergraduate Research Projects or Public Health Internships for Spring Semester, 2016.

The deadline for proposal submittal is 2 p.m. on Friday, January 22, 2016.
Download the proposal cover sheet.
Availability of new funding from Montana’s NIH-INBRE program (Award #P20 GM103474) allows us to invite proposals for biomedical and biobehavioral research (which also includes public health topics) and public health internships. Infectious disease and health issues related to the environment are two of Montana INBRE’s research foci. In addition, MT INBRE is expanding its research into the field of health disparities, an area of great relevance to the state. For more information, see brin.montana.edu. Any projects applicable to NIH’s mission are acceptable.

All policies and rules for the AY2015-16 call for proposals for "traditional" URP projects apply mtech.edu/research/urp/guidelines.htm with the following exceptions:

Only proposals for research projects or public health internships related to INBRE-fundable topics will be considered.
For public health internships, students must include a commitment letter from the proposed mentor, who may be a faculty member at Montana Tech or someone in the community working in a public health or medical setting.
Due to the abbreviated time period (1 semester), the student scholarship for an individual project will be $1,000 (or $700 per student for a team of two students), deposited into the student’s Business Office account in February. Funded students will be required to register for a minimum of 1 (and no more than 3) credits of URP Research. No late registration fee will be required to add this course.
The deadline for proposal submittal is 2pm Friday, January 22, 2016. Submit via email to urp@mtech.edu. Be sure to use the special "Spring 2016 INBRE-Only" cover sheet, which is attached.
We anticipate a quick turnaround on the proposal review so students should plan to initiate the projects by the end of January.
Proposals from students who already have approved URP projects for AY 2015-16 will not be considered.
Funded students will be expected to present their research or internship results in April at the Montana Academy of Sciences annual meeting, located on the Montana Tech campus.
Students at both the Highlands College and the North Campus are eligible.