Touchscreen Information at Highlands College

Highlands College has some brand new technology – a large TV which provides directions and other information with a mere touch of the screen. Network Technology student, Dustin LaMiaux, created the programming which runs the touchscreen and a group of Construction Technology students designed and manufactured the decorative cabinet which hold the television.


“I remember Microsoft’s former CEO, Steve Ballmer’s comment: ‘The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do,’” said Dustin. “I saw the need of people wandering around needing help looking for faculty offices or computer labs. The concept of the touchscreen was a natural solution, but writing the code to make it work was a much greater challenge.”

The Highlands Touchscreen allows prospective students, parents and guests to locate faculty and staff offices and phone numbers, academic departments, computer labs, bathrooms and the like – at any time, without having to find an actual person to help them. When someone touches the screen, it asks what that person is looking for. With a touched response, the screen displays a map with directions how to get to the requested location as well as phone and room numbers.

“This was a wonderful interdisciplinary applied project between the Network Technology Program and the Construction Technology Program,” said Bill Ryan, Associate Dean of Highlands College. “Students learn a lot of theory in their respective disciplines, but having a real-world applied project on which to work is something we really strive for here. This project was ideal for accomplishing that goal.”

Dustin LaMiaux created the programming. The cabinetry work was done by Construction Students: Tim Heick, Cameron West and Tryston Frey.

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