Montana Tech Ranks as Montana's Best Value and Top Starting Salary College in SmartAsset Study

According to a recent study by New York financial technology company SmartAsset, Montana Tech ranks as the best value college in Montana, and number 18 in the country. The university also ranks as the top college in Montana for starting salary and lands number 25 in the country. Top performing schools ranked as a result of their performance in categories including scholarships provided, starting salary, tuition, living costs, and retention rate.

“We are pleased to lead Montana for the second year in a row on the SmartAsset study,” noted Montana Tech Chancellor Don Blackketter. “Montana Tech is an excellent choice for a quality education. These results provide a clear view as to why Montana Tech is relevant to the advancement of education and our economy. Our alumni, faculty, and staff are critical to Montana Tech being at the top of this study.”

On the best value list, Montana Tech was followed by Montana State University, Carroll College, the University of Montana, and Montana State University – Billings. On the starting salary list, Montana Tech was followed by Carroll College, Montana State University, Montana State University – Billings and the University of Montana.

“Montana Tech ranks well in part because of their performance in the starting salary category,” said SmartAsset VP of Content, AJ Smith. “They lead all schools in Montana and rank 25th nationally in that category, which helped propel them to the top of the overall rankings”

SmartAsset regularly releases studies on topics that are helpful for folks navigating big financial decisions. The topic of student loans is very important, especially to prospective students and their families looking to make a commitment to a school.

“Choosing the right school can be a challenge because there is so much subjectivity in finding the best fit,” Smith said. “We aim to offer prospective students an objective view of the important variables that many consider when choosing a college to attend.”

For a full view of the results and methodology, you can visit the SmartAsset website:


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