Highlands College Student Wins Shirt Design Contest

Montana Tech has announced that Highlands College student, Aaron Sexton, has won the Tech Frontstander T-shirt Design Contest. This contest was part of Montana Tech’s ongoing sexual assault primary prevention efforts. Mr. Sexton’s shirt design has a “superhero” derivative theme in which those who act as Frontstanders in preventing sexual assault are, indeed, superheroes.

“Our Frontstander primary prevention effort is unique to Montana Tech and Highlands College,” said Tech Counselor, Cricket Pietsch. “Tech is making various efforts to have the Frontstander moniker become part of the sexual assault prevention lexicon of college and university life. The shirt design contest is just one of those efforts.”

The word Frontstander comes from the well-known “Bystander Awareness” efforts which attempt to help students understand that if they are “bystanders” witnessing a friend in a compromising or dangerous sexual situation, they should step forward and intervene. Thus, they should be a Frontstander.

Mr. Sexton is a Civil Engineering Technology student at Highlands College.

For any further information about this issue or, please contact Cricket Pietsch at 406-496-3630 or Dr. John M. Garic at 406-496-3714.