Highlands College Announces Straw Poll Voting Results

Donald Trump won a Straw Poll for the 2016 Presidential Race held among the students, faculty and staff at Highlands College last week. Additionally, Denise Juneau won the Straw Poll for the US House of Representatives seat race; Steve Bullock won the Straw Poll for the Montana Governor’s race; and Matt Vincent won the Straw Poll for the Butte-Silver Bow Chief Executive Race.

The Straw Poll was part of the Highlands College “Welcome Back” Luncheon for students, faculty and staff. The event opened with a Color Guard from VFW Post 1448 led by Commander Melvin Kieninger, the Pledge of Allegiance led by retired Marine James Long, remarks by Montana Tech Chancellor Don Blackketter, remarks by Highlands College Dean John M. Garic, remarks by Ed Zimple from Sen. Jon Tester’s Butte office and followed by a moment of silence for Butte victims and survivors of suicide. Julie Brandon of Butte-Silver Bow’s Clerk and Recorder’s Office was present to register students to vote in the actual November 8th national, state and local elections.

The Straw Poll was intended to be a fun exercise in civic engagement. Montana Tech is a member of the American Democracy Project, an initiative of more than 230 colleges and universities. The goal of the ADP “is to produce graduates who understand and are committed to engaging in meaningful actions as citizens in a democracy.”

The results of the Straw Poll were as follows (in alphabetical order by last name):

US Presidential Race: Hillary Clinton (D) (25%) Gary Johnson (L) (18%) Jill Stein (G) (0%)  Donald Trump (R) (30%) Write-in Candidates (28%) (11 write-ins, each with 4 or fewer votes)

Montana’s US House Race: Mike Fellows (L) (11%)  Denise Juneau (D) (49%) Ryan Zinke (R) (40%) Write-in Candidates (0%)

Montana’s Election for Governor:  Steve Bullock (D) (56%) Ted Dunlap (L) (13%) Greg Gianforte (R) (30%) Write-in Candidates (2%)

Butte-Silver Bow Chief Executive Dave Palmer (N) (44%)  Matt Vincent (N) (52%) Write-in Candidates (2%)

“Voting is a fundamental right in our country.” said Dr. John Garic, Dean of Highlands College. “I believe it is essential that citizens, including our students, choose to exercise their fundamental right and actually vote. Our hope with this straw poll is that it will raise awareness among our students of the value and importance of voting.”

For any further information about this issue or any issue pertaining to Montana Tech, please contact Dr. John M. Garic at 406-496-3714 or Amanda Badovinac at 406-496-4828.