Dramatic Display Coming to Montana Tech

Butte Cares is bringing a dramatic display to Butte for Red Ribbon week. The display shows the vehicle struck by a drunk driver, fatally injuring 28-year-old Trooper Mike Haynes. The display will be at Montana Tech all day on October 27th in the mall area outside the Student Union Building and at the Butte Plaza Mall from October 22 thru 26. The display reads, “If a Highway Patrolman can’t avoid a drunk driver, Can you?”

“It’s a stark reality that drinking and driving results in death for far too many Montana residents. This display acts as a reminder to take care, make good decisions, and drive safely, attentively, and drug and alcohol free,” says Cricket Pietsch, Highlands College Counselor.

“This is a very high impact display and would address underage drinking, binge drinking, designate a driver, safe rides home and responsibility for the Halloween Weekend. Responsibility means making good decisions for ourselves and others every day, every time when you make the choice to include alcohol,” noted Linda Lowney, Butte Cares Director.