Environmental Health and Safety - Montana Tech

Mission, Environmental Health and Safety

  • To provide for the health and safety of the campus community
  • To assist in preventing or reducing accidents
  • To identify and eliminate safety and environmental hazards and unsafe conditions
  • To ensure proper disposal of hazardous waste

Unsafe Conditions

All faculty, staff, and students on the Montana Tech Campus have the obligation to report any unsafe conditions or near miss events so the situation can be corrected before someone gets injured.

To report an unsafe condition or near miss event, use the Report of Unsafe or Unhealthful Working Condition or Near Miss Incident Form or call 406-496-4463.


Marissa Morgan
Environmental Health & Safety
Campus Montana Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Officer
Montana Tech
1300 West Park St.
Butte, MT 59701
Office: Chemistry and Biology Building(CBB) 03
Phone: 406-496-4463
Fax: 406-496-4135
E-mail: mmorgan@mtech.edu