MTAM Research Group

Montana Tech Advanced Manufacturing (MTAM) Research Group

Research Areas

Advanced Materials

  1. Metal Additive
    1. Novel SLM System Development
    2. New Materials
  2. Polymer Additive
  3. Hybrid Materials
  4. Topology Optimization

Cold Spray

  1. Characterization and Modeling of Cold Spray Nozzle and Systems
  2. Material Development

The Montana Technological University, through research grants from the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) Program, is investigating the fluid and particle dynamics of cold spray experimentally and through the application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with the goal of improving the next generation of cold spray systems and providing the tools to support the Army Modernization Strategy. Cold spray is currently used to repair parts in Army equipment that has been damaged by wear or corrosion when replacement parts are not available, and in some cases, to remake parts through additive manufacturing. Cold spray is an evolving technology with ample opportunity for research in many areas. Tech is applying flow visualization and diagnostic techniques and particle velocimetry to obtain data for CFD model validation and to determine the effects of supersonic flow phenomena on the particle size and velocity distribution and uniformity in the flow, especially approaching the target or substrate. Of particular interest is the substantial deceleration of the flow and its turning to a radially outward flow behind the bow shockwave above the substrate. Tech will also investigate the effects of cold spray device scale on the phenomena observed. This work is being conducted by a team of faculty, graduate research students, and undergraduate students to provide educational opportunities to students that want to pursue research topics.

Research Group Members


Peter LuconPeter Lucon

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Nathan HuftNathan Huft

Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Bret RobertsonBret Robertson

Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering

K.V. SudhakarSudhakar Vadiraja

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Scott CoguillScott Coguill

Labratory Director
Mechanical Engineering


Janice Lucon

Research Associate (Chemist)

Gloyd SimmonsGloyd Simmons

Research Associate (Aerospace Engineer) / Adjunct Instructor
Mechanical Engineering


Tina StefanescuTina Stefanescu

Research Associate (Polymer Chemist)
Center for Advanced Materials and Processing

Ingvar Kulsen-Hansen

Research Associate (Mechanical Engineer)
Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Students

Stephen HansonStephen Hansen

PhD (Full Year)
U.S. - non Montana
Materials Science

NRRC 311
E-mail Stephen Hansen

John Phillips

MS (Full Year)

Madhuri Bhadwat

MS (Full Year)

Cameron HughesCameron Hughes

MS (Full Year)
U.S. - non Montana

JohnPaul OsabuteyJohnPaul Osabutey

MS (Full Year)

Tom RaderTom Rader

U.S. - Montana

Undergraduate Students

Jay YoderJay Yoder

Andrew Woods

Zach Hein

Bowen Bell
Josef Fields

Layton BahnmillerLayton Bahnmiller

Nathan Smith