Environmental Health and Safety

Chemical Inventory Management System

Montana Tech utilizes a Chemical Inventory Management System based on the software package ChIM. Each department has a Chemical Acquisitions Manager (CAM) who is the “gatekeeper” for chemical acquisitions for the department (purchases, donations, etc.). Everyone must go through a CAM to acquire chemicals. NO EXCEPTIONS! If the departmental CAM is unavailable, another CAM on campus may be used.

The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard requires that we have a complete inventory of all the chemicals on site. Our chemical management system is designed to ensure that all chemicals are inventoried and that Material Safety Data Sheets are secured for each chemical.

When a chemical is needed, give the CAM all the information you have for ordering the chemical. The CAM will then:

  • Check the Environmental Protection Agency's RCRA “P-list” to see if the chemical is a p-listed material. Anything on the p-list is extremely hazardous and expensive to dispose of. If it is on the list, the user is asked to consider using a less hazardous material, if it is possible.
  • Check the campus chemical inventory to see if the chemical is available on campus and if it is available to the person needing the chemical.
  • Request the purchase order number and order the chemical(s) requested if the chemical is not available on campus.
  • Receive the chemical when it arrives, add the chemical to the campus inventory by placing a bar code sticker on the container, and enter all the pertinent information into the computer system.
  • If you need to record the inventory information to input at a later time, use this sheet: Chemical Inventory Sheet
  • Ensure that an MSDS was received and distribute it to the appropriate people and files.
  • Distribute the chemical to the user for proper handling and storage.
  • When a container is empty, remove it from the computer inventory. The CAM must be given the bar code number from the container.

Use the Chemical Disposal Sheet to accumulate barcodes for disposal in the database.

Make the appropriate changes in the computer if a chemical is redistributed to another person or department or disposed of as hazardous waste. The CAM must receive the chemical shipments initially to take care of the inventory and MSDS requirements. As a user of chemicals, be sure to order only what you need and will use up in a reasonable amount of time.