Environmental Health and Safety

Description of Online Lab Safety Program

Montana Tech has instituted a mandatory laboratory-safety training program for students who use chemicals or hazardous machinery or instruments in Montana Tech laboratories. It applies to all students who are enrolled in any laboratory class where chemicals or machinery are used. (Faculty have the option of presenting and documenting their own lab safety training.)

Students are required to take the on-line laboratory safety training before they begin any lab work on campus. This training does not replace any of the lab specific safety training for which the instructor is currently responsible. Students are automatically enrolled in the appropriate on-line lab safety training when registering for the lab. Students must pass the lab safety exam with a 90% before they may participate in laboratory classes. Students are allowed to take the test as many times as needed to pass.

The reasons behind this course are two-fold:

  1. The protection of the students from hazards encountered in labs
  2. The protection of Montana Tech and its instructors in the case of an incident, minimizing liability