Tuesday, May 7

Interpreting the Law Session

Balancing Natural Resource Demands and Long-term Liability: A Different Look at CERCLA Financial Assurance and Clean Water Act

Roy Thun, GHD and Benjamin Machlis, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

The Tail Wagging the Dog:  Planning for Mine Development of Expansion under NHPA, Section 106, and State Counterparts
Part 1 [PDF]
Part 2 [PDF]

Gage Zobell, Dorsey & Whitney LLP and Joe Sylvester, Wyo-Ben

Water Treatment Session

Belt Montana Acid Mine Drainage Water Treatment Plant

Bill Snoddy, Montana DEQ & Colin McCoy, Tetra Tech

An Update of Water Treatment to Manage the Level of Water in the Berkeley Pit

Bob Kimball, PE, BCEE, Wood

Mine Waste Source Control; Successful Proof of Principle Testing

Paul Eger, Linkan Engineering

Mine Operations Session

Transition from Process Plant Design to Operations at the Haile Gold Mine

Scott McDaniel, Oceana Gold

Permitting for the Next Phase at the Haile Gold Mine

Scott McDaniel, Oceana Gold

The State of the State Session

The State of Mining in Idaho

Todd Drage, Idaho Department of Lands

The State of Mining in Montana

Garrett Smith, Montana DEQ

The State of Mining in Nevada

Christine Olson, PhD, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

Wednesday, May 8

Land Rehabilitation Session

Seeding the Future: Wyoming Abandoned Mine Lands – Native Plants Project

Gina Clingerman, BLM

Unexpected Challenges of Trying to Restart a Land Rehabilitation Program

Anthony Hartshorn, PhD, Montana State University

Exploration Session

The Golden Hand Proposed Minerals Project, Frank Church--River of No Return Wilderness, Payette National Forest, Idaho

Clint Hughes, US Forest Service

Assessing the Potential for New and Economic Polymetallic Deposit Types within the Stillwater Complex, Montana          

Justin Modroo, Group Ten Metals

Nontraditional Commodities Session

Cypress Development Corp. – Dean’s Deposit

Todd Fayram, Continental Metallurgical Services, LLC

Rare Earth Elements Recovery from Coal-Based Materials

Mary Anne Alvin, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Parrot Tailings from A to Z Session

When the Bill Comes Due:  Understanding and Managing Tailings Influenced Groundwater at the Butte Superfund Site – A Historical Perspective

Dave Williams, BLM

The Dead Parrots Society:  The Data-Driven Process that Leads to the Removal of the Parrot Tailings Complex

Nick Tucci, Haley & Aldrich

Parrot Tailings Removal – Digging up History

Josh Vincent, PE, Water & Environmental Technologies

Reclamation/Remediation Session

Case Study in Best Practices:  SCG’s Mining & Reclamation Activities

Steven Lange, Knight Piesold

Surface Reclamation of the Captain Jack Mill Superfund Site

Nicholas Anton, PE, CDM Smith

Treatment & Rehabilitation of Acidic Waste Rock and Tailings:  A 14-Year Case Study

Jim Castro, Montana DEQ (retired)

Fred Burr Creek Historic Tailings Characterization

Ed Spotts, KC Harvey Environmental, LLC

Thursday, May 9

Research Session

Passive Bioremediation of Adit Discharge from a Legacy Mine in Central Montana: A Lab-Scale Treatability Study

Leonard Santisteban & Barbara Nielson, Freeport Minerals Co. on behalf of Mt. Emmons Mining Company & Roger Hoogerheide, US Environmental Protection Agency

Microbial Reduction of Nitrate and Selenium in Unsaturated Mine Waste Rock Dumps

Gerrit Egnew, Enviromin

Can Traditional Reclamation lead to Successful Restoration in Butte, Montana?

Robert Pal, Montana Tech

Innovative Mining Session

Pit Lake Study Entirely by Remote Operated Vehicles

Bradley Kucera, Thompson Creek Mining

Recent Experience in Mine Innovation at Hecla Mining Company

Jeff Rosser, Hecla Mining Ltd.

Permitting Session

Monitoring Protocol of State Bat Populations

Lauri Hanauska-Brown, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks